Kopitiam Finds: Il Piccolo

In the hopes of saving money (and also cause I’m working a 7/hr job now), we are keeping our out-of-home meals to kopitiams and hawker centres. When we had a craving for some pasta, we decided to try Il Piccolo out. It’s been pretty raved online so we thought it’d be a pretty safe option for our early dinner.

Order 1: Salmon Penne Pasta


Order 2: Gnocchi (We can’t remember the full name of the dish name)


Will we go back? Hell yeah! Honestly the pasta was nice (though the salmon was a bi fishy) but k la, 7 bucks is a price I’ll pay for kopitiam pasta. I dare say its almost the same standard as the pasta at my current workplace (which will sell the same plate of pasta for twice the price). The gnocchi is also pretty damn solid.

Il Piccolo – 79C Toa Payoh Central (just beside the CC)


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